tournament-of-champions-at-yale-university-2016With  648  students  in  216  Junior  Division teams and 600 students in 200 Senior Division teams, 2016’s World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champion had to be one of its largest rounds ever held. Representing 50 different nationalities,  young,  wide-eyed  and eager  scholars gathered in the beautiful town of New Haven, Connecticut to earn the title of champion among champions across three rigorous events: collaborative writing, challenge, and debate. However, there’s way more  to  the  Tournament  of  Champion  (ToC)  than meets the eye – I’m referring to none other than cuddly alpacas (real AND plush toys!), impromptu dance parties  and  sing-alongs,   and  of  course,  meeting friends for life; making the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) community a place to call home.


What sets the final round apart from those preceding it, is that  the  ToC takes  place  in the  prestigious  Yale University, alma mater to the likes of George W. Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton. But in addition to its impressive  ranking and list of notable  alumni, what makes the school even greater is its breathtaking collegiate gothic architecture. Robert A. M. Stern, Dean of  Yale’s  School of  Architecture,   once  said:  “Our campus is a living history of the architecture and urbanism of its three centuries in New Haven.” From the dining halls to the courtyards, to say that every inch of the magnificent university  is stunning would be an understatement and we  were  more  than  honoured and exhilarated to have been given the opportunity to compete in a venue with an unmatched  atmosphere that is very inspiring, ultimately  motivating us to fight even harder for the medals we have stayed up so many late nights for.

We are more than proud to announce that this year’s ToC is Sekolah Victory Plus’ most successful final round to date! Our two senior teams produced very great results.   Stephanie   raked  in  eight  medals, Denisa brought home six, Michael scored four medals, both Atta and Karla won three while Adelia got two medals. The junior team was equally  amazing with  Mathew winning  5 medals  and  both  Gabriela  and  Schalke bringing back 2 medals. Our school’s teams managed to win 35 medals collectively,  but  above  that,  the lessons learned, the memories made, and the people we met are what made our trip to U.S.A so special and rewarding; and we can’t be any more grateful to have come back to Indonesia with a greater love for life and learning.