Our Students:

  1. Are unique and special and they each have their own distinctive personality. They learn at different rates and require understanding and support for their efforts. They need to know they are loved and valued just as they are and not be compared to others.
  2. Want to be successful in both their academic and character development, so they can grow and mature; emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially. They desire to be recognized and acknowledged. They have an intrinsic desire to learn; ‘an inquiring mind.’
  3. Require a stimulating, safe and supporting environment. They must have the best opportunities, and the foremost teaching/learning strategies that are available. They require continual supportive feedback on their progress.
  4. Continually make choices based on their developing value system and the opportunities given to them.
  5. Desire to make a contribution and give service to their family, friends, school and community.
Our Educational Programme:
  1. Includes a curriculum that is developed around student needs and  interests, both for the present and for the future
  2. Provides experiences that are ‘Student Centred’ and promote the inquiry process
  3. Gives students opportunities for make a contribution to family, to school, to community and to the global community
  4. Invites student dialogue and authentic input
  5. Values ownership of the curriculum; students are motivated to work hard and master the skills necessary to reach their goals
  6. Promotes within students a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment through an open sharing of ideas and a thoughtful approach to discipline and self-discipline
  7. Ensures students are always safe and are sure of what is expected of them
  8. Establishes fair and consistent rules through ‘essential agreements’
School Goals :
  1. To provide an “A” quality  education with a curriculum rich in our Core Values and the qualities expressed in the Learner Profiles
  2. To educate students to be balanced in the lives
  3. To provide experiences and multicultural understandings in daily school life
  4. To continuously support staff members and provide ongoing professional development
  5. To establish and nurture a partnership with parents, designed to assist each student’s full development.
  6. To inspire in each child a sense of self worth that commands a sincere respect for themselves and others.
  7. To provide a rich environment in which students can grow and mature according to their unique abilities, distinctive qualities, and personal gifts.
  8. To provide a supportive environment, challenging curriculum, and meaningful activities that will enable students to maximize their academic potential develop good character.
  9. To provide opportunities for concrete acts of service, nurturing and developing a sense of responsibility for others.