Learning to Become Lifelong Learners and
Citizens of the Global World

MIDDLE SCHOOL (12-15 years old)

As emerging adolescents, our middle school students are being prepared for the world of tomorrow. They must have developed the essential core skills of literacy and numeracy. They must also be capable of critical and compassionate thinking and must have developed social consciousness. The MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME from the INTERNATIONAL BACCALUREATE ORGANIZATION exposes our middle school students to a creative, holistic and interdisciplinary learning approach.

HIGH SCHOOL (15-18 years old)

It is a requirement to our students to engage on a more complicated but challenging world curriculum in order to be successful in University. This also requires them to adopt a decisive approach to learning and become thoughtful, cooperative, and self-disciplined learners.

The high school journey at SVP prepares our older students to be inspired and to take advantage of various global opportunities that are made available to them. We are offering Cambridge International AS/A level, which is a widely recognized requirement for the higher level of University Education.