Admission Information

1. Sekolah Victory Plus accepts applications for Toddler Class (2 years old) to grade 12

2. Children must be of appropriate age for each level desired

3. Please be noted that all the required documents must be sent to the admission office prior to any testing/observation
4. The application form can be obtained at the Admission Office and must be fully completed.
5. A deposit is required prior to taking the entrance test/observation by respective Principals. If the child is accepted the deposit fee will be applied as part of the submission fee and if the child is not accepted the deposit fee will be returned.
6. Before applying, parents should read and understand all the policies and requirements which are stated on the form, and be willing to abide them7.
7. The student applicant will be tested, interviewed and observed. The written test can be done at anytime. However, the interview and observation with the principals are by appointment only. Following evaluation of the tests and interview, the student applicant’s family will be notified by the Admission Office by phone, SMS or e-mail regarding the status of the application, that is accepted, waiting list, re-test or not accepted.


For the Inquiry request you can contact our admission officer or you can dial+62 21 82403878 for the information or email to

Career in SVP

For the information related career and Job Vacancy you can contact +62 21 82403878 ext 130 or email to


The scholarship is offered to Middle Years School students who reside in Bekasi area and will graduate in the academic year 2017/2018 to study at SVP Senior High School (Grade 10 to 12).


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Career in Sekolah Victory Plus

The following job at Sekolah Victory Plus are vacant for new academic year 2017-2018 for local Indonesian staff:

A. Indonesian (Native) Teaching Staff

1. School Counselor (Primary School)
2. School Counselor (Secondary School)
3. InS Teacher (Individuals and Societies - Secondary School)

B. Indonesian Non-Teaching Staff:

1. Life Guard (for Swimming Pool)
2. Swimming Instructor
- Degree in Psychology (School Counselor)
- Degree in History or Geography (InS)
- Proficient English
- Minimum 3 years teaching in similar role in formal school

email for more details.