School Director Message


Our School Vision is to become a school with international standards,educating students to achieve their potential as learners who are ready for globalization.We are proud that our students undertake activities that they love doing and that they do so well in these. By continuing to provide these opportunities we are able to encourage more students to achieve and reach towards their potential.These opportunities exist not only in core subject but also during extra curricular activities.Students who participate in competitions or engage in activities offered outside the normal school day can gain so many Yustina Riesskills and so much additional confidence.Whether it be participating in Sport, Science, Mathematics, Robotics, Bahasa Indonesia, Story Telling , Writing, Singing, Chinese language the words of Marva Collins rings true:’There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.”Marva Collins.
Being an active learner is part of the IB Profile the we emphasize activities not only to students but to all teachers and staff.We always have professional development scheduled in our agenda. Sometimes we invite great speakers from overseas to share their knowledge with us, sometimes we send our teachers to share what they have to learn to other teachers and sometimes our teachers travel to other parts of Indonesia or the world to engage in professional activities. This year we had the honor to be trusted by International Baccalaureate Organization to send 5 teachers to share their expertise in teaching. I have my self had a chance to lead workshop about Managing Organizations: school culture with an expatriate partner to 40 Principals in Aceh.

In order to make sure about the quality of education and the standards we offer, we also undertake a comparative study of schools and visit various kind of schools. In March I had a chance to visit school in Melbourne,Queensland and Launceston, Australia for 16 days from 20th March to 5th April 2009. There are a lot of great things that we have done when compares to the ones abroad and there are things which we also need to do improve. Information and communication technology spring immediately to mind and one one of the key developments next year will be the introduction of laptops for all students in high school. “Quality is never an accident; it always result oh high intention, sincere effort, intelegent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” Willa A.Foster.

School are a journey. when we undertake the journey several things happen. We need to have a starting point and destination. We must plan and expect the unexpected. there are challenges that we need to face and there will be obstacles to overcome. we believe in blessing from God and the support from all school community members, we can conquer those challenges. As one of the founders of Sekolah victory Plus and as educator,my highest commitment is to provide the best quality of education possible for our students and to always promote a successful and innovative learning environment. Our first and highest priority is to support students in their learning journeys. We appreciate the trust and support that parents,students,teachers and staff continuously give to SVP.


I am happy that so many students have started their learning journey in our school and will continue their journey to become a better person with us. Trust from our parents and a passion for learning by teachers and staff are two of the inggredients that will assist us to achieve our mission and vision. To become a school that can maximize students potential and prepare them to be leaders of the future is not a dream – it is an emerging reality.

School Director

Yustina Ries Sunarti